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Individual, Group and Family Counseling

Individual, Group, and Family Counseling

The therapist will utilize a strengths-based approach. The therapist will follow the recommendations from an extensive psychological evaluation. Relevant therapeutic approaches based on the needs of the patient will be used by the therapist. Once data is collected, a formal plan of care and treatment with goals and objectives will be provided.

Group Counseling
is a process and a relationship between the facilitator and the group members, who come to build trust, support, and explore ways to express their feelings. The group counseling process helps the client increase their coping skills, their knowledge of resources, stimulate individual development, and foster individual growth. Groups are structured on a 7 to 12-week schedule based on curriculum, topics, and age of group members. Group topics vary from stress management, drug/alcohol abuse, leadership development, self-advocacy, education and professional services, violence in school, peer pressure, and reaching set goals and dreams but are not limited to these topics.

The therapeutic visitation program is designed to increase the sense of resiliency that contributes to a family’s ability to cope with life stressors in a positive and productive manner. The MTS team will provide family therapy and Family Counseling support services. The MTS team will work on family goals and help implement strategies and intervention tools that will enable the family to develop in a positive manner.

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