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About Us

  • DR V B PATIL FOUNDATION Registrations-

  • 80G Unique Registration No- AACTD8939KF20231,  12A Unique Registration No- AACTD8939KE20231

  • Govt of INDIA NGO ID- MH/00034264, NGO Darpan UID- MH/2024/0384059

  • Trust Registration No- F-19078, Society Registration No- MH/48/NASHIK 

  • CSR Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt of India) Registration No - CSR00066902


  • Vision- To be the worldclass, unique leading centre of exellence in Addiction prevention & treatment.

  • MissionTo provide high quality, scientific based accessible & affordable care in addiction treatment. To educate the public on addiction prevention & awareness. To raise standard of care through trainning and education to healthcare workers. To make Addiction Free India & Drug Free society.

  • Core Values-   We will treat the patients & there family members with respect, dignity, honesty & compassionately 

   Objectives of Dr. V B Patil Foundation

  • To create, establish, administer and manage treatment centres for Alcohol & Drug Addictions

  • To provide Online counseling for Addiction & mental health Issues like Depression, Anxiety & stress  

  • To create, establish, administer and manage  treatment centres for  Drug addictions like ganja, charas, heroin, opium, cocaine, glue sniffing, LSD

  • To provide treatment and counselling for addictions like smoking, tobacco chewing, gutka, bidi etc

  • To provide treatment and counselling for  addictions like gambling, Mobile, TV, internet, sexual, porno ,YouTube, Social media, shopping etc

  • To create, establish, administer and manage appropriate infrastructure facilities and services  for addiction treatment cum Rehabilitation centres

  • To establish addiction Awareness programmes and Counselling Centres all over the country

  • To carry out Surveys, Studies, Evaluation and Research in addiction

  • To make recovery available for the drug addicts/alcoholics through volunteers,professional and rehabilitation training programme

  • To support those who want to abstain from drugs/alcohol and want to reformthemselves through this trust.

  • To assist volunteers who would like to work in addiction field in this direction elsewhere by this trust.

  • To assist persons/patients regarding rehabilitation technical information over the Tele-communication/internet etc.

  • To carry out awareness programmes through street plays, display of posters, slide programmes and films, participation of doctors/social workers

  • To establish a volunteer centre and make provisions for volunteer training programs.

  • To initiate work for the progress of physically, mentally, economically and socially disadvantaged persons.

  • Co-operate, network and affiliate/member with similar minded organizations/ bodies/federations, international bodies having similar objectives and aims.

  • To make jobs available for the recovering addicts/alcoholics outside the rehabilitation centre.

  • To help the addicts/alcoholics who are financially weak and who cannot afford treatment.

  • To promote employment-oriented skills and programmes for addicts.

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