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Holistic Therapy in Mental Health & Addiction

Holistic Therapy for Addiction Recovery

The Holistic Therapy for Addiction Recovery means treating the whole person. It means not just working on the physical symptoms, but also the mental, spiritual, and social, with the understanding that they are all interconnected in the healing process. When this is applied to addiction recovery it allows the patient to heal and improve all of these aspects of their life for the ability to maintain and enjoy their sobriety.

Holistic psychotherapy is an umbrella term that can encompass a number of different types of treatments. Professionals who offer this type of treatment may refer to themselves as holistic therapists, but they may also refer to their practice as:

  • An approach that draws on multiple traditions and techniques in order to best address a person’s needs.

  • Mind-body therapy: This refers to groups of techniques that focus on improving body functioning and inducing relaxation as a way to improve health.

  • A body-centric approach that utilizes strategies such as breathwork, dance, and meditation to heal trauma, stress, and other mental health issues.1

  • Spiritual therapy: An approach that incorporates belief systems and spiritual faith to explore problems that a person faces in their life.

  • One benefit of holistic therapy is that it is a whole-body approach that addresses mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  •  It often allows individuals to better see the connections between these different aspects of their lives and better understand how this affects their health

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