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Implant Treatment for Addiction

  • Implant Treatment for Addiction

  • Addiction is a chronic medical disease involving brain, genetics, environment and life experiences 

  • Addiction is treatable medical disease and various methods are used for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction

  • Surgical implant procedure is used to treat alcohol and drug addiction effectively with good results and long term sobriety

  • This is a specialized surgical operative implant treatment for alcohol or drug addiction with successful results in many countries. 

  • Small surgical procedure is done on the patient who is addicted to alcohol or drug in where an implant is kept in the body which will release the drug for certain period.

  • An implant produces sensitivity to alcohol or drug that results in a highly unpleasant reaction and may be life threatening some times when the patient under treatment ingests even small amounts of alcohol.

  • During our 7-10 days treatment, patients work toward achieving physical and mental recovery, which will allow them to return to their daily lives without feeling the urge to consume alcohol ever again.

  • patients have to undergo the entire treatment, which includes detoxification, physical recovery, psycho-stabilization, and other procedures.

Procedure  of surgical Implant

The length of stay in this process is only for 10 days. After admission of alcoholic patient, medical examination is done by qualified doctor and some lab investigations are advised. In the first phase patient goes through detoxification for one week depending upon withdrawal symptoms. After withdrawal management assessment of patient is done with psychological counselling. If he is physically and mentally fit then only he will be posted for the surgery with consent. The procedure is done in operation theatre with the help of our anaesthetic and surgeon team. Implant is inserted in the lower abdomen and wound is sutured with dressings. The stitches of wound are removed after 7 days and patient is fit to work after one week.   


  • Makes relapse almost impossible while the implant is effective.

  • No supervision or reminder for patients

  • Reduces craving because there is no point in craving for what you can’t have.

  • Unpleasant smell and sensation if he comes in contact with alcohol

  • Sobriety for longer period

  •  No peer pressure  


  • Involves minor surgery and a small scar with temporary tenderness and bruising but curable

  • Occasional local infection or inflammation of implant site, usually responding to antibiotics.

  • Initially more expensive than other treatment options.

  • Sometimes Life threatening if in contact with alcohol

  • This treatment option is ideal for working business class pts who can’t stay for longer

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