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New Patterns of Addiction

Addiction can be either physical or behavioral, and often they go hand in hand. Though alcohol, Drug and tobacco are commonly recognized types of addiction in India, there are actually hundreds of types of medically and scientifically recognized addictions.

Addiction can take shape in two ways: overusing or misusing substances or excessively engaging in behaviors despite the negative consequences either results in. These two types of addiction are typically recognized as chemical or physical and behavioral.

As you probably know, chemical addiction involves substances likealcohol, tobacco, Drug and prescription drugs.

Behavioral addiction, on the surface, may be harder to pinpoint. That’s because we all engage in behaviors that drive pleasure and enjoyment, like eating delicious, comforting foods and exercising for those post-run endorphins.

Types of Physical or Chemical Addictions

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • Drugs

  • Opioids

  • Prescription drugs

  • Marijuana

  • Amphetamines

  • Hallucinogens

  • Inhalants

  • PCP

  • Glue Sniffing

  • LSD and other hallucinogens

  • Inhalants, such as, paint thinners and glue

  • Opioid pain killers, such as codeine and oxycodone, heroin

  • Sedatives, hypnotics and anxiolytics (medicines for anxiety such as tranquilizers)

  • Cocaine, methamphetamine and other stimulants

Types of Behavioral Addictions

  • Food Addiction

  • Sex Addiction

  • Internet Addiction

  • Pornography Addiction

  • Mobile or cell phones

  • Video Game Addiction

  • Work Addiction

  • Exercise Addiction

  • Spiritual obsession

  • Seeking pain

  • Cutting

  • Shopping

  • Exercise

  • Gambling

Alcohol Addiction

This is an addiction to any alcoholic beverage such as beer, wine, or hard liquor, resulting in alcohol use disorder (AUD). According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, AUD is an impaired ability to control or stop using alcohol despite adverse health, occupational, or social consequences. In India country liquor or desi daru is very much popular in villages. In Indian villages homemade alcohol from mohua, jaggery is most popular and cheap also due to this reason alcohol dependeance is a big challenge to government agencies.

Tobacco Addiction

This is considered an addiction to any tobacco product like cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco that contains nicotine, an addictive ingredient that increases the level of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good, and primes you for a reward. In India Tobacco addiction with gutka or pan masala mixed with tobacco is very common.


While some individuals can use drugs such as cannabis and cocaine recreationally, there are others for whom drugs become an obsession. The powerful effects of drugs such as heroin and cocaine often lead to addiction, with those affected being unable to control their urge to take the substance. Drug addiction often leads to the breakdown of relationships, job losses, financial struggles, and homelessness. It can have a devastating effect on family members and can result in a host of mental and physical health issues. In India Bhang & ganja addiction is a severe problem.

Prescription drug addiction

This type of addiction encompasses the misuse of prescription drugs by taking a higher dose than prescribed, using someone else’s prescription, or taking a medication to feel high. Examples of commonly misused prescription drugs include opioids, stimulants like amphetamines, and central nervous system depressants like sedatives and tranquilizers. In India over the counter sedatives and cough syrups is a new trend among teenagers.

Gambling addiction

Itis characterized by a compulsion to bet on sports, play slot machines, buy lottery tickets, visit casinos, or participate in any other gambling behavior despite any negative consequences, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Sex addiction

Engage in sexual acts regardless of the risks or negative consequences created by the activities. While not an official diagnostic term, many experts link it to compulsive sexual behavior disorder (CSBD), which is a recognized diagnosis. CSBD is the preferred term because there is debate within the mental health world about whether this behavior is categorized as an addiction or an impulse control disorder.

Video game addiction

It is also known as internet gaming disorder, is a relatively new disorder characterized by reduced control over gaming leading to adverse consequences in family, social, personal, or work life.

Internet addiction

It is also not an official diagnosis, but is used to describe excessive internet use and a compulsion to be online followed by adverse consequences like anxiety, irritability, and depression when not using it.

Shopping addiction

It is also called compulsive shopping, involves compulsively buying items as a way to mask or get relief from negative feelings. While not a diagnosable disorder, it can have severe consequences like financial damage, increased stress, and increased anxiety.

Food addiction

It refers to compulsively eating or bingeing on food to ease negative feelings and emotions. It’s not an official diagnosis, but it is closely related to binge eating disorder (BED).

Exercise addiction

It describes an unhealthy relationship and obsession with participating in exercise and fitness activities to the point of being harmful both physiologically and psychologically.

Pornography Addiction

An addiction to pornography may have comical undertones for a number of people, but it is a very real problem for those affected; and one that can destroy their lives. In fact, the spouses of those with a diagnosed pornography addiction often say it is the worst type of addiction one could have. They feel betrayed and devastated, and it can place an enormous strain on their relationship. Pornography addicts spend much of their time watching porn or thinking about it. As time goes by, they feel the need to watch more and more graphic images and material. Some pornography addicts find it difficult to enjoy sex with a partner, and it can have an adverse impact on many areas of their lives. After Covid lockdown and avability of cheap 4 & 5G data by mobile companies lead to increase in porn Addiction among school going teenagers.

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